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How To Build Monster Forearms
When we think of upper body functionality, the arms are the first thing that comes to our mind. That’s because the arm, located between the shoulder and elbow joints, is responsible for executing all imaginable movement patterns. That being said, it’s kind of fascinating that the forearm, which makes up 50% of the arm, is […]
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Tom Hardy’s Gruelling Workouts For the Movie Warrior
If you haven’t seen Warrior, you should. It’s awesome. Once you do see it, you’ll probably wonder how the star Tom Hardy got so ripped for his role. Unlike many other actors who put on fake skins to achieve a muscular look for their roles, Tom Hardy actually built himself one fantastically ripped body for […]
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How to Develop an Adonis Belt
The “Adonis belt”, also known as “Apollo’s belt” is the area where 2 abdominal muscles form a V-shape alongside your hips and end at the crotch. This ab muscle feature takes its name from the Greek god of youth, fertility, and beauty, Adonis. The grooves that form the Adonis belt, are not actually muscles, but […]
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